Kinnaris Quintet

Créé en 2017 autour de 3 violons, une mandoline et une guitare, Kinnaris Quintet est une formation écossaise incluant 5 musiciennes talentueuses et accomplies, dégageant sur scène une énergie communicative !

Nommé « Meilleur groupe folk » aux Scots Trad Music Awards en 2018, et « meilleur album » en 2019, c’est un groupe brillant et terriblement inspirant : la révélation folk de cette décennie !

…a great example of musicians moving the tradition forward… sure appreciation of where it all begins.”​ ​The Herald

A fearless and unconventional exploration of traditional music as this powerhouse of a band takes Irish, Scottish, and Bluegrass by the hand and spins them into an album as unique and innovative as it is technically dazzling….destined to take its place as one of the best debut albums of 2018.”​ ​Folk Radio UK

…give full expression to their musicality, unburdened by thoughts of what should be done but instead allowing the tunes to flow through them unconstrained. “The elation of the musicians at being able to play together is always in evidence and that joyous exuberance is captured perfectly.”​ ​The National

“​Where the f*** have I been to have missed this group emerging that does EVERYTHING I LOVE?! It’s f***ing brilliant! There are so many beautiful things to say about this group…I love it!”​ – ​Greg Lawson, GRIT Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

Musiciennes :
Aileen Reid : fiddle 5 cordes, chant
Fiona MacAskill : fiddle
Laura Wilkie ​: fiddle
Laura-Beth Salter​ : mandoline, chant
Jenn Butterworth​ : guitare, stomp, chant

Kinnaris Quintet